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September 29, 2009

Rainbow Garden and Rainbow Lily Kits

A couple of people have asked about the beautiful quilt that was in back of us in the picture of us with Bryan Taphouse, in a previous post. Click Here to see that post.

There were actually two quilts in that picture, and we now have kits up on the site for both of them. The one that is most prominent is the Rainbow Garden quilt, and the one lower down is the Rainbow Lily quilt.

Rainbow Garden, Rainbow Lily below

Rainbow Garden, Rainbow Lily below

These were both designed and made by Fabric Freedom’s in-house quilter, Sally Ablett.

The Rainbow Garden quilt features 13 different fabrics from that fabric line, plus the Black Magic double-dyed black from Maywood Studios. The black is used for sashing, a thin inner border and the binding. Options for backing include any of the fabrics used in the quilt top. This quilt is 53 inches square. You can see the product detail on this kit by clicking here.

The Rainbow Lily quilt is 51 inches square and uses all 10 of the colors in the Rainbow Lily collection. The Maywood Studios Black Magic is also used in this quilt, and here it is much more prominent, creating a pure black background against which the colors of the Lily prints really pop out. Backing options include all the colors in the quilt, plus the Lily print from Rainbow Garden which is not in the quilt top but adds another color to the combination, in the same print. You can see the product detail on this kit by clicking here.

Rainbow Lily Quilt

Rainbow Lily Quilt

Our customers who have purchased Fabric Freedom fabrics from us in the past know what fantastic quality the fabrics have, with hand-painted designs and stunning engraving printed on the highest quality goods and finished perfectly for a great hand and

Rainbow Lily Fabrics

Rainbow Lily Fabrics

sewability. Both of our kits contain all the fabrics required for the top and binding plus Sally’s pattern and our handy fabric cross-reference sheet.

Either of these quilts will brighten up any room and garner ooohs and aahhhhs from everyone who sees them!

June 11, 2009

Ethnic Echoes Quilt Kit

We finally, after waiting for weeks and weeks, got the final fabric we needed to make our Ethnic

Ethnic Echoes Quilt Kit

Ethnic Echoes Quilt Kit

Echoes kit.  Ethnic Echoes is a fantastic new fabric line from Blank Quilting, and you know they have super quality fabrics.

This kit is a Blank project designed by Janet Houts.  The finished size of the quilt is approx 55 x 73 inches, so it’ll make a great lap quilt or single bed quilt. It should be fairly simple to expand it should you want to make it bigger, by purchasing extra fabrics.

The quilt uses fabrics from several different Blank lines, including Ethnic Echoes, Ethnic Origins, Duquesa,  Splash, and Rock Candy.  The light fabric is the Rock Candy Shell color, which is a semi-metallic. Several of the other fabrics in the quilt have semi-metallic qualities to them as well, so this is a very bright and sparkly quilt without being overwhelming.  The aboriginal patterns and designs will just capture you with their beauty.

Ethnic Echoes comes in three colorways. We chose the Rust as we felt it was far and away the prettiest.

We’re also offering several optional backings for this project, three of the fabrics that go into the quilt,  a beautiful mottled brown soft India batik from Fabric Freedom in 108″ wide, and our Roc-lon unbleached 108 inch muslin.

We’re also offering, as we do on all our kits, FREE die-cutting of your 2 1/2 inch binding strips as an option.  If you’d rather cut your own, just click no on that option.

Put a little taste of Africa in your home!  Make one of these, you’ll love it!  Click here to see this new kit on our website.

June 6, 2009

Tired of Cutting Binding Strips?

A few weeks ago, we received our new die-cutting machine.  It came in about 6 big boxes so was once again a treat for the UPS guy. (Thanks, Frank!)

So, we’re busily working up some pre-cut kits, charm packs, and other ideas on how to use it.  For example, all our new sample pack 5 inch squares will now come with fancy-schmancy pinked edges.  Yippee!

The other day, Cindy said, “I really hate trying to rotary-cut absolutely straight 2 1/2 inch binding strips, and I bet a lot of other quilters feel the same way.  Let’s give our customers the option to get their binding strips pre-cut, and let’s do it for FREE!”

So, after discussing the merits of this idea, we both decided it was a good one, and we’ve changed all of our quilt kits to include the option to get your binding strips pre-cut at no additional charge.  And no, we didn’t increase the price of the kit to cover it either.

We know some quilters will still want to cut their own, so it’s totally optional.  Check out any of our kit offerings for this new option!

The Pixie Patch Kit is Up!

Just a quick news flash to let you know that our new Pixie Patch drag-around blanny quilt kit is up on

Pixie Patch Quilt by Heidi Pridemore

Pixie Patch Quilt by Heidi Pridemore

our website. This quilt was designed by Heidi Pridemore, who always does great kid’s quilts.  She also did the Barnyard II quilt that we’re offering in our store.  This is one really cute kit!  You can read all about the fabrics below, but here’s a picture of the quilt top stolen from the Blank Quilting project sheet.  We’re offering the “Brite” version of the quilt, that’s the large one in the picture.

This project is a little above a beginner quilt because of the flower appliques’  but they’re not real difficult, a tracing template is included on the project sheet.

As usual, our kit contains all the fabric for the top and binding as well as our handy fabric cross-reference and we offer a selection of coordinated backings at savings off our low yardage prices.  Check it out now on our store by Clicking This Link.

January 31, 2009

New Fabrics from Blank in Store

A bunch of new Essence shades

A bunch of new Essence shades

A couple of days ago we got our latest shipment from Blank Quilting.  We had ordered a bunch of new shades of Essence, Blanks Karen Combs-designed blender. We’ve had a couple of shades of it in stock for awhile, and the Lapis has been very popular. We really like the design, it’s a different sort of blender that goes really well with a lot of fabrics, especially the Shade Cascade from Blank, and a lot of our Hoffman batiks.

We brought in a bunch of blue shades, a couple of green shades and a orange-red shade called Flame.  We have one new kit out there on the website now using these, a nifty geometric quilt by Karen Combs that uses about 5 different blue shades, greens

Essence quilt kit

Essence quilt kit

and flame.  This top is about 48 x 48 inches and would also make a great table-topper to brighten up your spring table!  We’ve also ordered about four more shades of Essence and they should be in this coming week, including a bronze, violet and a couple others.  We’ll be combining those with the Shade Cascade fabrics in another kit soon.

New Strips! We also got a selection of strip bundles from Blanks. Each bundle contains the usual 40 – 2 1/2 inch strips, 44 inches long. The Blank strips, called “Fabrications” come in four different fabric lines, including

Blank Strip Bundle - Floret

Blank Strip Bundle - Floret

Essence, Simply Delicious, Bali Rain, and Floret. Each bundle has 40 different shades in a rainbow of colors.  Pick up one of these and one of the “Strip Clubbing” books, also new on our website, and create yourself a masterpiece! The Blank “Fabrications can be seen by clicking here.

For those of you that have been looking for nice whites and ivories, we’ve also gotten in several from Blank, including their Alabaster, a soft metallic off-white from the Rock Candy line, a plain white from the Eclipse line, and an Ivory from Fusion Illusion, which is a beige pattern on ivory. We also have a couple of other good whites in our line-up, including a 108″ Roc-lon white on white backer, and one of our favorites, the Fabric Freedom cream Ice, which is a soft metallic crystal white-on-white.

December 11, 2008

Santa’s Stocking a Hit with the Designer!

The other day, we got a real nice note, and a nice blog mention, from Elaine Waldschmitt of The Quilted Closet.  Elain has designed a lot of great patterns, and we sell a couple of them.  Our Santa’s Best Christmas Stocking kit uses Elaine’s pattern and also includes a special instruction sheet that Cindy wrote on how to make the center block shown in our kit.

Anyway, Elaine really liked our interpretation of her pattern, and she’s done a nice post on it on her blog, which you can see at www.thequiltedcloset.wordpress.com.   You can see all of Elaine’s patterns at www.thequiltedcloset.com.  She has some really neat designs for clothing and accessories as well as quilts and other projects.  You can click on the links above to give her a visit!

Thanks, Elaine!

November 18, 2008

QKO Packaging

“Hey, what’s with the funny packaging?”   It’s a question a lot of first-timers to our store probably ask when their order arrives and they open the box or large envelope.  There are no fancy ribbons,  no cute little lunch-boxes to throw away or figure out what to do with,  no wicker baskets or any of that stuff.

We package all our kits and all our fabrics in really heavy duty poly sleeves, then we heat seal them before we put them in the shipping container.

Part of an order going to Alaska!

Part of an Order Bound for Alaska

So, why do we skip the fancy frilly packaging?  Well, it’s pretty simple,  it saves you money! It’s one of the reasons we are able to offer great kits with great fabrics at really low prices.  All that frilly packaging does is attract you to pick something up in the store, and after you get it home it just sits around collecting dust, because you’ve taken the fabrics out and started sewing, right?  And, it makes the kit weigh more, and that costs you more in shipping!  So leaving off the frilly stuff saves you money two ways. And, if you are buying a kit as a gift for someone, you can always take it out of our packaging and put it into a cheap little wicker basket from Wal-mart or your craft store, or throw a bit of ribbon around it if you want to dress it up.  :-)

So, why the heavy poly inner packaging?   Well, that’s pretty simple too.  We ship to a lot of places, like Australia, England, Alaska, the Pacific Northwest, and a lot of those places get their fair share of rain and bad weather.   We don’t want to depend on the post office to protect your fine fabrics and other items from sitting out on your doorstep in the rain, or from getting dropped in the mud at some point during shipping.  So we use the poly and heat sealing, which makes a pretty tight, weatherproof package.   Since we live at a pretty high altitude (~5000 ft above sea level), our packages tend to look like they’re vacuum-packed when they get to lower altitude destinations, but we don’t actually vacuum pack them, that’s just the effects of going to a lower altitude.

For our outer packaging, we use appropriately strong shipping containers depending on how your order is going to be shipped. We use the USPS shipping for all our packages, mainly because it’s the most dependable and cost-effective for the size packages we tend to ship, it’s the fastest, and because we live next door to the postmaster. Our small packages go out in Tyvek envelopes, which are pretty indestructable, and our large orders go out either in heavy duty boxes or in USPS provided Priority Mail packaging, depending on shipping type and order size.

So, all that funny-looking packaging has a purpose, and that is to fully protect your order enroute to your sewing machine.  Just another way we try to make our service a little better than the average online quilt shop.

BTW, if you’d like to comment on our packaging or any other aspect of QKO’s service, please leave a comment on this or any other appropriate post.  We appreciate the feedback!

November 16, 2008

Giant Panda Quilt Kit

Cindy finished her design and sewing and the pattern for our exclusive Giant Pandas Quilt kit which uses Exclusively Quilters Giant Panda fabrics.  Today I finally got it up on our website, and it is a really neat kit!

Giant Panda Quilt by QKO

Giant Panda Quilt Kit

Cindy looked at a lot of design possibilities for the kit, designed and re-designed it a number of times, and in the end came out with a great quilt top that’s a nice size at 44 x 44 inches,  is easy to sew but looks great!

In addition to five of the Giant Panda fabrics, she used a Fabric Freedom Reflections black, which is a mottled black fabric that looks great alongside the fur in the panda photos.

This is a neat kit, for a couple other reasons;   First, the kit comes with two main panels, one a single panda, and the other a panda family.  You can use either to complete the kit.  Additionally, for the four corner block photos, there are about 6 or so photo blocks to choose from and we give enough so that you’ll get at least four of each, so you can do all the blocks with the same photo like Cindy did, or mix and match the photos.

For the optional backing choices, we’re offering several of the fabrics, and also a dark green/black mottled batik backer that comes in 108 wide.  So you can either piece as usual, or we’ll cut you a single piece of the batik, and you’ll save a couple bucks at the same time.

You can see several other pictures, and all the details on this kit by clicking here.

The Shop Hop is On!

The Fabshopnet Holiday Online Shop hop started yesterday, and Cindy and I have been busy filling orders from all over the world.  We put several kits on closeout prices and they’re being snapped up in a hurry, along with other stuff.    Postmaster Larry is going to be pretty surprised when he sees how many packages we’re bringing in tomorrow!

The online shop hop is a lot of fun.  Basically, what you do is register, then visit online stores and find the hidden bunny.  For every hidden bunny you find, you get another entry in the drawings.  All the stores involved, and there are almost 200 of us, are giving away gift certificates too.  It’s just like a regular shop hop, except you can do it in your bathrobe!

The hop runs from November 15 to December 15, so there’s lots of time to visit lots of shops.  And many of the shops, including ours, will be putting new specials up each week, so it pays to make return visits.

If you’re not already involved in the Hop, just go to our home page at www.quilt-kits-online.com and click on the bunny icon there.  That’ll take you to a website where everything is explained, and where you can register.

Happy Hopping!

October 5, 2008

About Our Fabric Sample Packs…

We’ve had a few questions about how our fabric sample pack program works, so I thought I’d answer it here also.

If you order a fabric sample pack for a kit or fabric line; we charge you a nominal price and you pay the shipping (unless it’s part of an order that exceeds our free shipping level).  Generally, shipping on a sample pack is pretty cheap, since there’s not much weight and we ship it in a first-class Tyvek envelope.

What you get in the sample pack is one 5 inch square of each fabric used in the kit or contained in the colorway. That way you can touch and feel the fabrics before committing to a larger purchase.   The good news is…  (drum roll)… that we also send you, along with the sample pack, a letter containing a coupon code.  This code is assigned just for you, and is good for the price of the sample pack as a discount on any total purchase on our store over $50.  The code is good for 90 days, and we add a few days onto that to allow for shipping.

So, for example, you buy the sample pack, and decide you really like the fabrics.  You then go online and order the kit.  In the discount or coupon field at checkout on our webstore, you enter the coupon code from the letter, and your price is reduced by the cost of the sample pack.  And, you keep the samples for your stash!

Pretty good deal, and it allows you to look at the actual fabrics before you commit to a bigger purchase.  Just like going to the fabric store, only it costs less than gas!

If you have any questions about this or any other QKO product or program, just drop us an email at info@quilt-kits-online.com.  We answer all emails within 1 business day.

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