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September 5, 2011

Wow! 3D Quilt Kits!

With the recent 3D craze, it was only a matter of time until they figured out how to print 3D fabrics, and that time has come.  Hoffman-California has just released their first three 3D fabrics, and they’re pretty amazing.  Looking at the fabrics using the supplied 3D glasses, you’ll have a lot of fun seeing the print highlights literally jump off the fabric.

Into the Blue Quilt

Into the Blue Quilt

There are three fabrics in the “Coming at You” 3D lineup –  Outer Space,  Aquarium, and a Jungle Butterfly scene.

We’re doing several kits with these fabrics, and have the first one ready for purchase.

The “Into The Blue” quilt was designed by Larene Smith of The Quilted Button for Hoffman-California. The finished quilt size is approx 59″ x 72″ (150 x 183 cm).

The 3D fabrics are paired with color coordinated Hoffman 1895 hand-dyes that really set off the 3D fabrics.

Our kit optionally allows you to choose either the Outer Space version or the Aquarium version of the same quilt. Shown here is the Aquarium version.  Our kit contains all the fabric needed to finish the top and bindings, and as with many of our kits, we’ll cut your 2.5 inch binding strips free if you check the option to do so.  Backing fabrics are optional, and offered with the kit.  Each kit comes complete with 2 pairs of 3D glasses, so your kids (or you) can enjoy it with a friend.

These are really fun fabrics with an entirely new twist.  Take a look!  See the full product listing by clicking here.


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